For the Signal Light Festival 2016 in Prague, Tigrelab came up with Mutis: an Anaglyph Video Mapping.
MUTIS, is a tribute to the explorer and naturist Jose Celestino Mutis and a synesthetic audiovisual experience.
This project is a journey through an imaginary explorer’s notebook. In fact, just like chapters of a book, we introduced eight abstract creatures from the most primitive to the most evolved and complex ones. In memory of David Attenborough, an old fashioned narrative voice over introduces these unknown species and describes their environment, behaviour and personality.

For this proyect we followed a different creative process. We wanted to create eight different beings. Hence, we prepared a simple brief to present to the eight sound artists we chose after an 48hr participation call for sound designers across the globe. Each artist created his own and personal sound piece. And from their work, we designed and animated the creatures.