Teaming up with Transversal Group again, we were asked to do the newest promotional video for Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.
This time, the brief was to introduce the idea that the famous landmark of Barcelona was created by Nature, the source of inspiration of Gaudí, instead of being a human made creation.

For this project we used a lot of real footage and photography to create the illusion of the 3D matte painting that identifies this video so much.


Client: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera
Agency: Grup Transversal
Art Direction and Animation: Tigrelab


Tigrelab Team
Federico González
Javier Pinto
Mathieu Felix

Xevi Polo
Dan Garotte
Daniel Avila
Mikel Calvo
Alejandro de los Rios
Alex Palazzi
Luis de la Barrera