My mission is to introduce all kinds of professionals in the world of 3D. Cinema 4D, with its gradual learning curve, is the perfect bridge to get into 3D world. If you want to get down to brass tacks, here you can find tutorials about the software I use.


I don’t like predefined disjointed lessons and soulless tutorials. I look for a common thread that will help us understand the behavior and to visualize the infinite possibilities of each tool or process. In addition to the explanations, I propose in-class exercises and homework as a tool to control the assimilated knowledge.

How can I ensure learning? With a few small groups and an organic syllabus adapted to the needs of group and moment. For me it is not the same teaching a group of graphic designers than a group of video editors.

Training offer

My flagship course is Cinema 4D for Motion Graphics, oriented to audiovisual professionals who want to offer more advanced services to its customers. An in-person course in Barcelona to lose the fear of 3D and acquire the necessary skills to handle a Motion Graphics project. If the student wants to go further, I offer the Cinema 4D Advanced course, where we go a little deeper into the world of VFX and advanced tools for Cinema 4D.

To complete the training once the student has acquired the basic knowledge, I perform periodically dynamic workshops with concentrated syllabus that I believe more useful, such an alternative engine render Vray, fluid simulator Real Flow, the perfect connection with After Effects or organic modeling humans and animals.

Provided training


  • Cinema 4D intensive course (21h)


  • Cinema 4D + After Effects module for Graphic Design European Bachelor.


  • Cinema 4D for Motion Graphics (60h)
  • Cinema 4D Advanced (24h)
  • Cinema 4D Expert (24h)
  • Vray Workshop (7h)


  • Intro to Cinema 4D (17h)
  • Private lessons


Several customized courses for business and industry professionals.

  • Architects
  • Product designers
  • Motion graphers
  • Photographers