Thanks, MAD Center.

A gap appears in Barcelona in terms of training on 3D mapping, motion graphics and interactivity. MAD Center closed its doors (for the time) until further notice. An academy with a clear vocation of disclosure, with very targeted and affordable courses.

I know many people do not know this academy based in Poblenou, Barcelona. He has always acted in the shadows, without making excessive noise, but taking it seriously and actually teaching. Its activity is based mainly on word of mouth; people who felt that learning and recommended it to their friends. Many of the students came from costly Masters and careers with a single sentence: “I have said that I really will learn to use this program here.” And so it was. For a very affordable price and a number of hours in perspective, professionals who attended could supplement their education and feel confident with the tools. All with a friendly and professional atmosphere. Thank you.

Javier Álvarez (DoNotDisturb) has never tried to get rich. He spent much time in his life to take the company forward with good times and tough times. I want to emphasize its effort in helping people to lose fear and enter the world of motion design. He gave me the opportunity to be a Cinema 4D Trainer, a program I dominated but which had no experience at teaching. He had the intuition and trusted me and my desire. Thank you.

That was more than three years ago. During this time, I learned a lot more than all my students together. All that experience has used me to get where I am now profesionalmiente and meet new people in the industry. Thank you.

We hope to return soon, with batteries charged to reoccupy the place that they deserve.

And remembering their slogan, I can only say:

You are MAD, you returned me MAD.