(Re) Starting with Blender

Last week I did a course of Blender for game art taught by Carles Tenorio at Cibernàrium. It was a very motivating experience meeting a professional facing a class in a similar way I do, showing a great passion for what he does.

I have already made a first attempt to introduce me to the world of Blender, an open source software with several similarities in workflow and philosophy with Cinema 4D. The trouble is that, among other factors, I met another Blender teacher at Cibernàrium that not motivated me and I did not showed the same passion and professionalism.

The truth is that I really did not cost me with the basics of Blender and the course I have taken advantage of 100% because I’m not a noob in game art, UVs, texture maps, box modeling tools, etc. .

If you want to gain knowledge in modeling and UV unwraping for video games, you lose nothing by going to this course; it’s free.