Cinema 4D para Mapping: Intro

If you’ve ever been in a situation of having to create content for mapping (especially in 3D) or simply interested the topic a bit, perhaps you ever wondered:

  • Where do I put the virtual camera that will render?
  • How do I create a virtual copy of the item to map?
  • What lens use?
  • How many fps?

My intention in this series of articles is to present the bases regarding the preparation of content for mapping with Cinema 4D and After Effects, showing that, if we remove from the equation all superfluous element, we have a problem very easy to solve and many of those questions happen to have a very logical answer.

We will talk about their history and precedents, key aspects for any mapping and some workflows and tricks for creating footage in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

We will not get into any technical issue concerning projectors and everything that involves the production of an event of this caliber because it is something I know but I’m not expert at it.


  1. History