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New Tutorial: “Apple Perspective using Camera Projection Tutorial”

Joren Kandel, form The Pixel Lab, teaches us how to recreate one of the videos of the last Apple keynote using camera projection.

New Tutorial C4D: “Colorful Topographies”

Two ways to achieve the same result; a landscape made ​​of very thin prisms based on a texture map.

New Tutorial C4D: “Brush in the air”

Easy and fancy tutorial where Berd shows an original way of using Spline Wrap deformer.

Vray & Render Engines Info

Valuable explanations about VRAYforC4D and other render engines by Stefan Laub , highlighting the differences between Biased and Unbiased.

Free Textures: Textureking

Free Tutorials: CG Terminal

Best C4D Trainer: Tim Clapham

Cinema 4D Plugins: Nitro4D